Wedding reception

It is no surprise that Italy is famous for its marvelous cuisine, deemed one of the best and certainly the most famous in the world. An infinite variety of dishes, the highest quality products and regional specialties guarantee infallible success for your wedding celebration in Italy. You will be amazed at the taste, aroma and presentation of dishes. Indeed, in Italy the wedding banquet is considered the highlight of the entire wedding celebration. The choice of restaurant or catering for your Italian wedding reception is, therefore, very important and in this regard Italian wedding receptions are very carefully tended to, up to the tiniest detail. With the same meticulous care we give to the preparing of your wedding party in Italy, we have for your selection the most professional catering, and choose only the most high quality restaurants able to create a personalized menu based upon your preferences and seasonal and regional specialities, guaranteeing the mouth-watering masterpieces Italy is famous for.

It is customary in Italy to divide the wedding reception into three main phases: an aperitif immediately after the ceremony, the serving of lunch or dinner, followed by the cutting of the nuptial cake and toasting, this final part crowned by a table full of sweets, Italian coffee and after-dinner liqueurs. These three phases are always maintained, whether the reception is held in a portion of a restaurant or in a private villa, rented exclusively for the wedding party. Each phase of the reception has its own separate banquet menu, its own concept, and its own style. The appetizer usually consists of a variety of snacks offered on trays by waiters, or served on a buffet table, often outdoors, accompanied by live background music, allowing guests to mingle. The lunch or dinner is then brought on by waiters who serve guests individually. In this regard there is great attention given to table decorations and place settings: the set-up of the crystal, plates and flatware, table linens, flowers, candles, candlesticks, vases, mirrored trays and other decorations all in harmony with the chosen theme of your celebration and the style and color conceptualized for the wedding reception. Of course we will be pleased to provide you a vast array of interesting ideas to create for you a truly one-of-a-kind wedding reception!

The highlight of the wedding reception in Italy is the cutting of the wedding cake along with the offering of an abundance of sweets. There is usually a short break between cutting the cake, allowing guests to get in the mood to start dancing, at which time the tables are set up for the sweets. There is no limit to the marvelous creations made by Italian pastry chefs in the hopes of astonishing the bride and groom as well as their guests. This includes cakes and pastries, either elaborately mounted high or in various shapes and designs. The wedding cake itself may be classic white cake or a multitude of other types, made with fresh cream, colorful exotic fruit, and decorated with fresh flowers — the choice is really endless! We work with expert confectioners who will create for you the wedding cake you desire. To add a typical Italian flavor to your wedding reception in Italy, you will want to treat your guests to the special sweets which, in Italy, are called “confetti”. In the classic version, “confetti” are almonds iced with sugar, but there are also all sorts of tasty variations such as pistachio, lemon cream, and chocolate. My Italy and My Wedding will help you impress your guests and make your wedding reception in Italy the tastiest ever!

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