Wedding transportation

Most weddings cannot do without transportation, even if the ceremony and the banquet are organized in the same place where you are staying with your guests. All the more important, in order to realize a captivating photo shoot with beautiful Italian scenery in the background you will need appropriate transportation. For this reason choice of the wedding transportation plays an important role in arranging the marriage in Italy. Prior to your wedding day, everything must be carefully organized and the chosen means of transport will further accentuate the style of your wedding in Italy.

If you opt for a reception in a historic building or in a castle and you fancy to realize a childhood dream – the royal wedding – a beautiful white horse-drawn carriage will be the best transportation for your fabulous wedding. If you prefer a vintage theme, or if you love a more classic style, then a majestic vintage car will be the right touch for you. If you want to transmit a fresh and young touch, loving the open-air and an unobstructed view of the fantastic Italian landscapes, taking a romantic trip on a scenic drive in a convertible car is the best choice for you. The wedding cars are all decorated with flowers, ribbons and veils to be in perfect harmony of the joyfulness of the event.

Very often the specific flavor of the chosen location for the wedding plays an important role in choosing the appropriate transportation. Venice is a classic example, a unique city where motorboats and gondolas decorated with flowers are the only possible transportation for weddings. If the only limitation is your fantasy in choosing your wedding transportation, we can make your desire come to life. You can choose between different brands and models of cars: limousines, convertibles, sports cars or the lovely Italian three-wheeled “Ape”. You may wish to arrive by helicopter, land in a hot-air balloon, embark upon a boat or mount on horseback… in any case, the choice of your wedding transportation is guaranteed to make an unforgettable impact.

The wedding transportation service also includes the moving of guests as well. We will provide a bus or minivan, rent sailboats or motorboats, thus ensuring that your guests will be well cared for, so that everyone is sure to be included in every phase of your wedding celebration and festivities.

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