Wedding photos & video

“Your wedding was incredible!  Your wedding in Italy was truly unforgettable: beautiful bride, handsome groom, romantic views and moving ceremony, delighted guests, fantastic party…”  If this is how you wish to remember every moment of that fabulous day, recalling even the smallest detail of your wedding in Italy, you definitely need a professional photographer capable of capturing these moments, able to create a touching reportage of your wedding day.

Our professional photographer is Francesco Garufi, part of the My Italy and My Wedding’s team and ready to travel with us wherever we go thoughout Italy to create the most beautiful and romantic wedding  photoshoots. You can look at his exceptional work on his professional website

An essential means of capturing every moment of your wedding in Italy is the wedding video, which will be artfully edited with your chosen music,  with your “I do” captured forever. My Italy and My Wedding works with several professional videographers in various parts of Italy. Once you have selected the area in Italy where you wish to organize your wedding, we will send you, upon request, videos of our operators.

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