Wedding on the Italian Lake District: Crystal Pendants

Travelers cannot help but be fascinated by the quiet sublimity of lakes:  some are attracted to the unpretentious magnificence; others, intrigued by the silent and unimposing melancholy of the mirroring water, seemingly made of crystal.  Still others are enchanted by the reflection of mountains and hillsides surrounding the shores, while others remain captivated by the deep blue waters of the lake and its understated yet undeniable romantic atmosphere.

Italy is rich with natural lakes, most of which are located in the northern regions of the country, at the foot of the Alps, almost all of them having glacial origins. They are truly magical places which are made all the more fascinating by the medieval villages and quaint towns full of history and art which surround them. The spectacular landscapes will not leave you indifferent; your wedding in the Italian Lake District will be as enchanting as a fairytale. Elegant villas with delightful gardens and castles with their magnificent towers will create an exceptional backdrop to your wedding.  The municipalities of many towns and villages offer, in fact, many interesting possibilities for your civil ceremony in the Italian Lake Distict,  making it an excellent choice for celebrating your wedding in Italy in a marvelous and refined atmosphere.