Wedding on the Amalfi Coast: Daydream come true

The Amalfi coast has, for centuries, attracted tourists and travelers for its incomparable beauty, dramatic cliffs which plunge gracefully into the sea, their peaks caressed by the soft billowy clouds above.  Its characteristic winding streets, carved into the lush hillside, appear to be a staircase between the earth and the sky; with awe-inspiring landscapes and the endless line of the sea merging at the horizon which will take your breath away as you round every curve. Everywhere you look you will see the blue sparkling sea, the same sea once inhabited by the sirens who endeavored to attract Ulysses.  Opposite the sea is the steep rocky slope, into which many villages are tucked among the lemon groves and bougainvillea, like swallows’ nests hidden between the branches of treetops.