Wedding on Lake Garda: Among Castles and Mountains

Lake Garda was one of the essential stopping points on the itinerary of the eighteenth/nineteenth century Grand Tour, undertaken by royal scions, upper middle-class intellectuals and poets. The great Goethe defined Lake Garda as “a wonder of nature, an enchanting spectacle“.  From Catullus, the celebrated poet of ancient Rome, to Maria Callas, the famous opera singer, many noteworthy persons throughout the centuries have been fascinated by the beautiful natural landscape of Lake Garda, the southernmost of the northern lakes and the largest lake in Italy. The highest part is surrounded by the mountain range of the Alps, while the hot springs on the lower part are an important natural resource enjoyed by guests and residents.  The Alps protect Lake Garda from the cold, making its climate surprisingly mild. The Mediterranean vegetation covers its banks which are dotted by surrounding castles and medieval towers, framed by the deep blue water.  Imagine your wedding, in the midst of such natural beauty on Lake Garda.

Wedding in the Scaliger Castle in Malcesine
Upon arriving in the picturesque village of Malcesine on Lake Garda, the first thing you see and will be taken aback by is the monumental castle, imposing yet romantic,  with its tower reaching 31m into the sky. It defines the colors of the backdrop created by Lake Garda’s mirror-blue and Mount Baldo’s deep green penumbra. The castle was built in the 1200’s by the influential Scaligeri family, originally from Verona, in order to protect the city by overseeing the routes to reach it. The castle still stands like a mighty sentinel, a timeless witness to centuries of legends and romantic stories.  A charming and romantic stone path leads up to the castle, whose ancient rooms have their own stories to tell, and from the terrace you will have a breathtaking view of beautiful Lake Garda. Wedding ceremonies in Malcesine are celebrated either in the castle in an elegant dining room, or under a gazebo on a panoramic terrace which will be the ideal setting for your wedding in Malcesine on Lake Garda. After the ceremony, you can organize a cocktail reception, right in the castle, on the lower terrace.  You may also organize a journey on the lake on a beautiful sailing ship where you may also the aperitif  served.  The stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, which appear to be softly melting into the water, will be the beautiful backdrop for your wedding photo shoot on Lake Garda. The perfectly preserved castle will make you feel like a king and queen on your magnificent wedding day in Malcesine on beautiful Lake Garda.

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