Wedding in Verona: the balcony of Romeo and Juliet

If asked which is the most romantic love tale of all times, with no doubt the anwer is the tale of Romeo and Juliet, made famous in Shakespeare’s timeless drama. How many similar stories and movies have been written, and how many couples have identified with Romeo and Juliet, desiring, of course, a happy ending! This dream can finally come true:  you can declare your enduring love by celebrating your marriage in Verona, in the house of Juliet, and take the unforgettably romantic wedding pictures on its famous balcony. The elegant city of Verona will be the perfect frame for a unique wedding day and your honeymoon in Italy.

Civil weddings in Verona in Juliet’s house are prevalently celebrated on Monday mornings, when Juliet’s house closed to the public. It is possible to request your wedding in Verona in Juliet’s house on other mornings during the week when the house is open to the public, with the area for the wedding being corded off with ribbons to reduce the stream of visitors. On account of the limited space and high request, in both cases much advance request is required. For the wedding in Verona the municipality provides the violin or harp player who will play three pieces. Besides Juliet’s house, civil weddings in Verona may be celebrated in other locations and, after the ceremony, with a special permit, it is be possible to access Juliet’s house and its balcony in order to take some romantic photos of your wedding in Verona. During the official ceremony in Verona, in addition to the obligatory reading of civil articles which render the union legal, your ceremony may also include the bride and groom’s personal vows and writings, which will become integral part of their wedding in Verona. The ceremony and photographic shooting in Juliet’s house may last up to one hour, after which, your special day will continue in the site you have chosen for an aperitif or festive meal with your guests.

Wedding ceremonies in Verona can be also celebrated in other palaces such as:  the Notary’s Chapel, perfect for intimate weddings with few guests, and Guarienti Hall, where the sarcophagus with Juliet’s remains is located.  These places are available only on specific days of the week. With an advance request, it is possible to obtain a special permit for accessing Verona’s Arena with photographers, in order to shoot amazing photographs of this exceptionally romantic wedding in Verona.

For some time the municipality of Verona has begun to sign agreements with various villas and historic residences located in and around Verona to be able to perform civil weddings on site rather than at the town hall. Now, with an additional fee and the minimum number of guests required by the chosen venue of the wedding, couples who want to get married in Verona can do it in the gardens of the beautiful villas or in the halls of the historical buildings. In this way both the civil ceremony and the wedding feast can be organized in the same location, without needing to travel.


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