Wedding in Venice: Romance and gondolas

The most popular place to wed in Italy has to be Venice, a unique city on the water considered the most romantic spot in the world.  A wedding in Venice is sophisticated and impassioned, the unusual means of transportation playing a key role in its poetic charm: traditional gondolas decorated with flowers, gliding silently along the canals, affording a most enchanting view of the marvelous Venetian palaces. Your wedding photographic shoot in Venice will take place in dreamy romantic settings in hidden locations, where our photographers and operators will create a unique backdrop for your Venetian wedding photo album, aside from the traditional pictures in San Marco Square with its famous pigeons,  a primary part of your photographic shoot for your wedding in Venice. Guests can waltz to the music played by musicians in front of the historical outdoor cafés as the bride and groom make their entrance onto the square.  The highlight of the wedding in Venice will be the exquisite banquet held in one of the city’s panoramic restaurants, with an astonishing view of the Grand Canal or the Venetian Lagoon to accompany your toast and wedding celebration in Venice.

Weddings in Venice are celebrated in Cavalli Palace, on the Grand Canal. This historical building, an ancient palace of the seventeenth century, is located near the famous Rialto Bridge. After the ceremony the bride and groom will go out onto the balcony to have their pictures taken with the Rialto Bridge in the background. Civil ceremonies at Cavalli Palace may be celebrated from Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 1pm.  You may also celebrate your wedding in Venice in other moments of the day, during weekends and in other beautiful Venetian palaces. No matter which place you choose, Venice will remain in your heart and in your memories as the most romantic and unforgettable city in Italy. 

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