Wedding in the City Hall

If you want to officially register your marriage in one of the charming towns of Tuscany, we are pleased to offer you the option of holding your ceremony in  one of Tuscany’s beautiful town halls – many of which are rich with history – in various locations. Your civil wedding in Tuscany will take place in one of the magnificent historical palaces that were once homes to  rich noble families of the powerful Dukes of Tuscany. After all, every major Tuscan town had an autonomous center with its own government and its leader who sat in the most important building of the city, which are now used as city halls. With their high towers, proud facades, grand staircases, and originally frescoed halls, you will feel like the hero and heroine of of a film about medieval nobility.  Such beauty and romance – this can only be a wedding in Tuscany.

Most of the town hall buildings are in the medieval style, made of stone, with a high central tower and, often, important family coats of arms on the facade. Inside, in the beautiful ceremonial hall, often with vaulted ceilings and frescoed walls, important meetings of the city council are often held as well as wedding ceremonies on certain days. Volterra, Pisa, Certaldo, Cortona, Arezzo and other towns of central Tuscany boast important historical buildings, which may be worthy of framing your wedding. Sometimes the town halls also have museums inside, such as the ones of Siena and San Gimignano. In others, such as the town hall of Lucca, the Municipality allocates wedding ceremonies in the graceful palaces of later periods. There is even the possibility to hold your civil wedding in a municipal garden or park dotted with elegant statues and picturesque fountains, accompanied by the sweet songs of birds.

Send us your inquiry and we will offer you a variety of wedding halls for the official wedding in Tuscany.