Wedding in Positano: Seaside terrace

This little town is one of the most unique and breathtaking of the entire Amalfi coastline. Positano is a village built upon a perpendicular staircase overlooking the sea, its terraces seemingly curtsying towards the sparkling turquoise water below, ever-glittering in the sunshine. In the evening the town’s quaint atmosphere becomes an illuminated postcard, a marvel created by the the famous Neapolitan and Salernitan artisans.

Positano is also known for its exclusivity and subtropical climate, a town whose name is synonymous for “romance”. You will need to have strong legs to visit Positano because of its hundreds and hundreds of steps which lead the way throughout town, but you will not even notice this when you find yourselves among the blooming bougainvillea and tiny, colorful shops selling elegant caftans, leather sandals, coral jewelry, authentic ceramics and, of course, its famous limoncello.

Weddings in Positano are particularly beautiful in spring and early autumn, when it is not too hot.  In these months the climate is pleasant and the sunlight is soft; the romantic beaches and coves are empty and the town is not teeming with tourists. In Positano you will want to hire a boat and spend leisure time listening to traditional Neapolitan songs and sampling the authentic local cuisine.  Positano’s heart beats for romance, so it is very important to decide well in advance the date of your wedding

Civil weddings in Positano are celebrated on –where else– a panoramic terrace with a breathtakingly sensational panorama of the sea. The terrace is quite spacious and holds up to fifty guests. In the rare case of rain, weddings in Positano are celebrated indoors, next to the terrace, in the municipality’s elegant hall, refinished in elaborate tiles, its walls boasting precious artworks. The outdoor terrace features a beautiful table made of the famous maiolican ceramic, typical of the Amalfi Coast towns.

To realize the photo service for the wedding in Positano it is necessary to hire a car because there are too many steps in town to walk while wearing wedding attire and elegant shoes.  Available are small three-wheeled cars called “apetta”, decorated with flowers and ribbons and which will add a touch of irony and spontaneous romanticism for your wedding in Positano.

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