Wedding in Portofino: Picturesque Charm

Portofino is the most exclusive place and the most famous of the Ligurian region, which attracts celebrities from all around the world. It is located on a cape, around which are little colorful houses in a semi-circle shape, with the little central square which the inhabitants simply call “piazzetta”. Luxury yachts docked here and the unforgettable aristocratic atmosphere are the essential components which give Portofino its own unique charm, which never fails to seduce visitors. Portofino is an ideal place for a romantic wedding, with its picturesque bay, its deep blue water visible from an endless array of panoramic viewpoints.  Where better to celebrate the most important day of your life? Portofino is a real jewel amongst the natural beauty which surrounds it.

Civil weddings in Portofino may be celebrated either in the quaint town or in the magnificent Brown Castle. This castle overlooks the Portofino bay and it offers a majestic view, adding a touch of exclusivity to this already unique place. The picturesque gardens and panoramic terraces will become the primary background for your nuptial wedding photos taken in romantic Portofino.

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