Wedding in Liguria: the Italian Riviera

Liguria offers uniquely stunning scenary, an Italian region made of mountain ranges and ever-present seascape.  You cannot help but feel part of the enchanted atmosphere called “Liguria”, by walking through the fishing villages along the coast or strolling its charming narrow streets…the sweet scent of flowers following you at every step.  Consisting of a thin strip of coastal land, a real “corridor” between the Apennines and the sea, the landscapes and villages are literally illuminated in a vast hue of colors from dawn to dusk. The sun rises and sets here; in fact, half of the coast is called “Riviera di Levante” and the other half “Riviera di Ponente”. The dramatic scenery is made of sharp rocks on one side, sandy beaches on the other, and an endless promenade which runs along the entire Mediterranean Sea. You will find yourself captivated by the quaint local villages, the spectacular rocks and breathtaking sea views celebrated through the centuries and immortalized by countless painters, poets and writers.
Your wedding in Liguria will be defined by the intense and characteristic fragrance of the sea, because the sea is everywhere in Liguria, the perfect romantic setting for your unforgettable wedding in one of the villages of Liguria.  You just have to choose one word, or maybe two: sweet and charming, luxurious and unique, colorful and fragrant… each of these words will describe your wedding on the Italian Riviera, with a wedding celebration exactly as you want it to be, your fairytale wedding in the Ligurian seaside.