Wedding in Florence: a Renaissance masterpiece

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance, the culturally unequaled Tuscan Renaissance which made Florence famous; during the centuries its captivating beauty and historical uniqueness have retained its allure for visitors arriving from every part of the world. This city is the capital of the powerful Tuscan Grand Duchy and home of the distinguished Medici dynasty. Florence has offered the world a wealth of artists, sculptors, architects, scientists and literary masters whose works all contributed to its abundant flourishing, which accounts for its very name, given to it by Julius Caesar. Try to imagine how unforgettable your wedding will be, celebrated here in Florence, having as its background art works by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Giotto.  Your wedding in Florence, organized by us, is guaranteed to also be a masterpiece. 

Civil weddings in Florence are celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, the former residence of the aristocratic Medici Family, is located right in the city’s most famous and central Signoria Square, itself an open-air museum. The splendid hall where weddings in Florence are celebrated is called the “Sala Rossa”, in reference to its regally red-velveted walls and golden trimmings. Few people know that this room was once the master bedroom of the Medici family, and it is exactly here where, ascending the same magnificant staircase that the noble Florentines used to climb, you will find yourselves surrounded by original full-scale tapestries, antique furnishings, gold-framed mirrors and majestic chandeliers, and it is here where you will celebrate your wedding in Florence.  Following the stately ceremony, a horse-drawn wedding carriage will await you at the foot of the historic palazzo and take you on an enchanting stroll around the city’s cobblestoned streets, whilst a bottle of champagne will be opened for a very special celebrative toast. It is in this moment that your wedding in Florence will really remind you of a royal wedding. Should you prefer a ride around town in a more “contemporary” style, it is possible to hire a classic Fiat 500 car to explore the town and the surrounding Florentine countryside. In any case your wedding in Florence will be astonishingly unforgettable, both for you and for your wedding guests.

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