Wedding in Amalfi: Fragrance of lemons

Amalfi is the most important town of the area, the namesake of the coast. It is the most antique of the five famous Italian maritime republics. The romantic town rises amidst rocks and vineyards, lemon and orange groves; a series of steps carved into the rock linking its charming houses and antique buildings, most of them boasting lavish private rooftop gardens. Amalfi is considered the eternal springtime city, on account of its pleasantly mild climate which explain why, in every season, you will find Amalfi dazzling with vivid colors, kissed by a bright and clear blue sky. Legend has it that Hercules was in love with a beautiful nymph named Amalfi, who died here, and so Hercules built this lovely town in her memory. Amalfi’s cathedral stands proudly above the town, housing the relics of the apostle Andrew. To reach the Duomo you must climb a magnificent staircase, also a perfect spot to shoot pictures of your wedding in Amalfi. A maze of narrow streets and the typical lemons of Amalfi, sold everywhere in town, will add a unique joy and flavour, enriching your delightful post-wedding walk around the town where everyone crossing your path will joyfully congratulate you for your wedding!

Civil weddings in Amalfi are celebrated in the impressive town hall, which is part of the former Benedictine monastery, featuring an amazing sea view. The room where the wedding ceremony is held is adorned with antique furniture and its floor is made of characteristic locally-produced and decorated ceramic tiles. The building is located on the seaside and is near many outdoor cafes, where the bride and groom, after the wedding ceremony, will want to toast with a flute of chilled prosecco.  

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