Wedding in a villa

Having a wedding in a villa attracts many couples as it gives them the opportunity to organize everything in one place, from the ceremony to the banquet, from guest accommodation to active pastime, thus reducing the time and cost of travel. It should of course be noted that most of the villas can only hold symbolic ceremonies due to Italian law, but this option can still be very convenient for those looking to have their honeymoon at the site of their wedding. Some villas have been turned into small luxury boutique hotels whose rooms can be fully booked for weddings, providing an unforgettable, exclusive stay for you and your guests in the structure’s elegant surroundings. Some of the villas are owned by private families and offer several apartments, which are usually decorated in a typical Tuscan style. It is not uncommon that the owners produce their own wine or olive oil, or else have a home restaurant, where you can not only taste superb authentic Tuscan cuisine but also learn how to cook it, because often such places will happily organize cooking classes, a great way to have fun with your guests.

If you prefer to have a civil wedding, there are a number of villas in Tuscany that have signed agreements with their local town halls in order to officially register weddings held in their private villas. Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect villa for your wedding in Tuscany.