Wedding flowers

Flowers are a very important part of weddings in Italy, they are a symbolic thread throughout the wedding day, starting with the ceremony, continuing throughout the reception and cake-cutting, not to mention the famous throwing of the bouquet at the end of the reception. Flowers will fill your day with colour, fragrance, freshness and grace. In a country as colorful and sunny as Italy, flowers are the essence and joy of the wedding celebration; in fact it would be impossible to imagine an Italian wedding without flowers. Of course the bride’s bouquet, by no means a mere accessory, is the floral expression par excellence of the spirit of the bride, reflecting her character, taste and emotions, the true centerpiece and crowning element of the bridal ensemble.  As such, the composition of the bridal bouquet must be harmonious with the gown chosen for her marveolous wedding day. To assure such perfection, we have professional florists able to create the perfect bouquet based on every detail such as the style and color of the wedding dress, the physical stature of the bride as well as the colour of her hair.

Expert florists always recommend the choice of  seasonal flowers to best enhance the atmosphere of the wedding; in fact, floral decorations for the ceremony and for the subsequent banquet are a determining factor for the style of your wedding. From classic, elegant roses to the sweet tulips, from glamorous orchids to cheerful sunflowers and romantic peonies, each flower conveys a particular spirit and, when prepared by a skilled florist, defines the mood of your celeration.  Italy is a country full of flowers and colours, so treat yourself to the best, entrusting to expert hands the art of making the world of flowers yet another element guaranteed to adding a touch of magic to your wedding in Italy! 

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