Wedding favors

A gift to say thank you. Thank you to your guests, who came all the way from other countries just for your wedding in Italy and to be with you on this most important day of your life, to share the joy and emotion of this joyous moment with you. To make the memory of this day all the brighter, why not offer a tiny wedding keepsake to each of your guests which will always remind them of Italy: something typically Italian, characteristic of this hospitable country. For example, a miniature bottle of olive oil, wine, homemade jams, beautifully wrapped in a specially designed package indicating its authentic origins. Or maybe a ceramic object, such as a handcrafted bowl for trinkets or a decorative plate with Italian landscapes. Every region of Italy produces its own particular traditional hand-crafted artefacts. Should your wedding take place in Venice, for example, you will want to choose miniature Venetian masks and Murano glass.

In Italy it is also traditional to attach to each wedding a tiny gift bag made of fabric containing “confetti”: almonds coated with white icing. In each gift bag are 5 “confetti” and a tiny elegant little note with the names of the newlyweds and wedding date.

My Italy and My Wedding can propose many other ideas to make your wedding favors original and truly unique to your wedding, something guaranteed to leave your guests with the distinct feeling of having been an important part of your love-filled wedding celebration.

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