Wedding at the castle

Every little girl, while reading fairytales, dreams of Prince Charming arriving on a white horse at the gate of a beautiful castle, to ask her hand in marriage.  She lets her handkerchief fall from the height of the tower as a sign of acceptance.  Your lavish wedding tale will begin here, in the castle, the melodious echoes of music calling out to everyone to gather for the royal ceremony,  afterwhich the couple will continue the tale and live happily ever after….

Many people believe that such royal weddings are only possible fairy tales but with us it is possible to make this dream come true in beautiful Tuscany, where there are many beautiful castles from the Middle Ages. In these real medieval structures, complete with thick stone walls and watch towers, you will feel like a prince and princess stepping into a magical past. We can also provide you with a white horse and carriage in order to add that special touch and to crown your special day, a fairytale come true.

Not all castles can accommodate guests, but there are often beautiful hotels or villas located nearby where guests can stay. While many castles only allow symbolic weddings, there are some where official wedding ceremonies may now be held. In any event, your wedding in a castle in Tuscany will be like a festive royal ball, inspired by centuries of history and by the beauty of its surroundings.

Send us your request and we will find you the most suitable chateau for your wedding in Tuscany.