Religious wedding in Italy

Italy is famous for its ancient and extraordinary churches, medieval chapels, baroque sanctuaries, rich in ornamental embellishments, some with lavishly colorful stained glass windows; others, candle-lit in spiritual solemnity. From small and romantic country chapels to grandiose and majestic cathedrals, Italy boasts an infinite number of churches thus making the choice nearly limitless for where to hold your religious wedding in Italy.

Of course, one reason there are so many churches in Italy is because Italy is a Catholic country, which explains why most Italians wed with a Catholic ceremony, which is the only religious wedding rite in Italy recognized civilly. Foreign citizens may marry in Italy with Catholic rites, provided that the wedding takes place in a Catholic Church and that certain documents are produced, which are the same for persons from any country in the world, such as the Certificate of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation,  which must be stamped by your local Bishop.  In addition, you must obtain a Nulla Osta from your local diocese and signed by your bishop, a very important document required by the Italian religious authorities attesting that there are no impediments to your being married in the Italian church.

At least one of the spouses must be of the Catholic faith. If one of you is not Catholic, you may be permitted to marry but must first obtain a certificate issued by the bishop of your area giving consent for the marriage to be celebrated in the Catholic Church. This document must be stamped and bear the seal of the Bishop’s Parish office. Another requirement for marrying in a Catholic church is that neither the bride nor the groom may have ever been previously married with the exception of widow or widowers, or if the marriage has been officially annulled by the Sacred Roman Rota (the only Institution legally able to officially annul a marriage). These documents must be translated in Italian and, aside from the Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation certificates, must not be prepared more than 3 months in advance or they will be considered expired. Copies of these documents should sent to the Italian Curia for approval, approximately 45 days before your wedding date. At least a month is required for the Italian religious Authorities to review and approve the paperwork.

Apart from Catholic ceremonies, we are also able to arrange religious wedding ceremonies in Italy for persons of other faiths: Protestant, Greek-Orthodox, or Jewish; ceremonies which will be equally beautiful but without legal validity. Only in a few cases will some Protestant сeremonies have legal value, depending upon where you hold your ceremony.  To be married with a Protestant, Greek-Orthodox or Jewish ritual, you must first be wed in a civil ceremony, either in your country of origin or in Italy, and then you may proceed with a religious ceremony which may be held either in a sacred location (such as a church or synagogue) or in a villa, castle, hotel or garden.

Whatever your choice or preference, we can assist you every step of the way in planning your religious wedding ceremony in Italy.