Music for the wedding

Music plays an important part of every phase of our lifetimes: from the tender lullaby of a mother, to the first rock concert at the stadium. Obviously, an event as important as a wedding cannot help but be accompanied by music.

Wedding music is divided into two categories: the ceremony and the banquet. As these are two moments which elicit different types of emotions, so must the music be harmonious to the particular sensations evoked in each of these moments. The musical accompaniment during the ceremony should convey its importance and solemnity; for this reason a string trio or quartet is especially well-suited; the playing of classic pieces is perfect as the bride makes her entrance into the church or town hall, always an emotionally stirring moment. In the case of outdoor ceremonies, a harp is excellent for adding an inspiring touch to the ceremony, creating a poignant and memorable impact.

The wedding banquet is the crowning touch and true celebration of the wedding; as such, it is a cheerful and joyful event, and the music must convey these sensations. In this case there is nothing better than a live band or a light-jazz group, able to provide pleasant background music allowing for conversation and toasting during the cocktail party, lunch or dinner reception, and then unleashing after-dinner in a real discotheque. Another option which will guarantee an enjoyable celebration is the use of a good disco deejay, able to provide a rich and varied play list of current hits and all-time favourites, attracting guests of all ages who are certain to join in on the jovial merriment. In any case, the right choice of music and musicians is without a doubt the key to an enjoyable and successful event.

We work with professional musicians of various genres of music and we will be happy to introduce them to you to ensure that your wedding is truly memorable, even the music!

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