How many times as a child have you found yourself wide-eyed and overcome by joy while admiring colourful, magical fireworks? How many movies of love stories have sealed their “Happy Endings” with fireworks in the background of the kissing couple? Why not give yourself such a bright and colorful completion of your wedding day – with magnificent fireworks! After the wedding cake, the fizz of champagne, the romantic kisses, what better way to shout your joy to the world than to fill the night sky with a joyous explosion of multicolour lights, sure to create a dynamic impact in culmination of your fantastic wedding in Italy.

Besides fireworks My Italy and My Wedding can arrange a unique wedding light installation, indoors or outdoors, fixed or in movement, which will lend an extraordinarily dramatic effect to any atmosphere and leave your guests in awe. From colored rays, streams of projecting light, multi-hued or image projection on walls and in the sky, even synchronized to music, all guaranteed to create a vivid and striking effect which will make your evening reception in Italy truly unforgettable.

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