Wedding in Tivoli: the Roman Versailles  00625 legg

Tivoli, since ancient Roman times, was well known in Rome for its baths, in fact, Emperor Adriano built his largest residence here, just outside the Eternal City.  He could benefit from being so near to Rome — a mere 34 km (21 miles), whilst maintaining his political duties and enjoying a warm climate and the beneficial effects of the baths.  Cardinal D’Este, in the middle of the sixteenth century, also chose this town to build his residency, an astonishing villa among vineyards and olive trees.  The Cardinal, upset for not being elected pope, realized here his “court”, just as exemplary as any royal residence. He created an exceptional park with magnificent fountains, which was called the Roman Versailles. These gardens lend an outstanding background for picture-taking of your wedding in Tivoli. Villa D’Este requests a small fee for allowing this privilege, but the unparalleled scenery and the inequalled photos of your wedding in Tivoli, which will remain yours for a lifetime, are well worth it.

Civil weddings in Tivoli are celebrated in the town hall, located in the centre of town. The small but elegant room still holds a striking magnificence, with its original frescos, antique furniture and antique Roman scripts, adding an element of nobility which will be a distinctive touch to your wedding in Tivoli. 

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