Wedding in San Felice Circeo: Seaside romance

This romantic little town is just outside Rome, standing on the peninsular cliffside of Circeo Mountain, which is a natural reserve overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Both the mountain and the town bear the name of Circe, the enchanting sorceress who mangaed to block Ulysses for an entire year during his travels around the Mediterranean Sea. Respecting the mythology, the entire coast took the same name, and the wealthy ancient Romans took to building their holiday villas in this area. San Felice Circeo is full of scenic terraces and in one of them, which is owned by the municipalitiy, it is possible to celebrate civil wedding in San Felice Circeo. The terrace’s wedding decoration is understatedly simple, with a covered table and chairs, and the ceremony is performed either on the small upper terrace or, depending upon the number of guests, in area set upon natural greenery. If you prefer, you may order floral decorations to adorn the area for your ceremony at San Felice Circeo. In either case, the sensational view will provide the the perfect romantic touch to transform your summer wedding in San Felice Circeo in something really magical.

After the wedding ceremony at San Felice Circeo you can arrange a congratulatory drink with guests on the romantic square in the center of town.  After toasting, the bride and groom will leave for the wedding photo shoot in the nearby area of Circeo Mountain, the hidden romantic angles and the blue sea providing an unavoidably sensational background for your photos. If you like you can go down to the beach, take a boat, or go for a stroll along the beach.  If  you have a considerable number of guests at your wedding in San Felice Circeo, we recommend that you organize the wedding reception  in one of the panoramic restaurants inside luxury hotels of the Circeo area, all of which boast incomparable sea views which will be the perfect scenary for taking pictures with your guests, who will be delighted with wedding menus offering the best of traditional Italian cuisine, all of which will guarantee the most gratifying memories of your wedding day in San Felice Circeo.

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