Wedding in Ariccia: Regal magnificence

Ariccia, located only 26 km from Rome, is a small and charming town considered the pearl of the Castelli Romani and one of the important stops along the itinerary of the famous Grand Tour.  In the early  ‘700’s this trip attracted many painters, writers and intellectuals who explored Italy from top to bottom. Thanks to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, made of lush hills and woodlands and whose lavish green is mirrored in the clear and transparent waters of its lakes.  The Castelli Romani area has always been a favorite summer spot for the Popes and noble Romans whose majestic castles and elegant villas have existed since the Middle Ages, all survived to the present day.

The most famous place in Ariccia is the magnificent Palazzo Chigi, located in the central square of the town. The palace is surrounded by a huge park which boasts remains of Roman era still inside. This building is a perfect example of Baroque style architecture and has belonged for centuries to one of the most important dynasties of Popes, the Chigi. In order to best display the wealth and splendor of this important papal lineage, the Chigi family invited famous Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini to design not only the building but also the central square and the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which is the prototype of the basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome.

You will celebrate your wedding in Ariccia, near Rome, in this sumptuous atmosphere because it is here where civil weddings are celebrated, right in Palazzo Chigi, inside its elegantly regal Summer Dining Hall. A large decorated table will be placed near the large arched windows overlooking the green park, allowing the room to fill up not only with natural light but also with emotion to make yours a truly amazing wedding in Ariccia, near Rome. The walls feature soft affresco paintings in shades of light blue with trees and birds, adding a touch of sophistication; with decorated columns and a marble caldera, once used as a part of a fountain; the antiquarian chairs and the refined atmosphere…everything to guarantee your wedding a truly regal event in Ariccia!

Chairs for guests are not provided because the Chigi Palace is a museum and the ceremony hall is part of the exhibition space, however, if desired, after the wedding you may arrange, for your guests,  a visit to the museum while the newly married couple enjoys their photo shoot in the park of the Palace and around Ariccia, which offers an infinite of stunningly picturesque views. Your wedding in the elegant and charming town of Ariccia will be truly romantic and memorable for a lifetime.

To organize your wedding banquet in the Castelli Romani area, you may choose any one of the many prestigious noble villas converted into fine hotels and restaurants. The choice of villas for your wedding party at Castelli Romani is quite ample; all the properties have private gardens, fountains, pools and elegant halls and will meet all tastes and budgets, making your wedding day in Ariccia fabulously regal.

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