Wedding in Positano: Seaside terrace

This little town is one of the most unique and breathtaking of the entire Amalfi coastline. Positano is a village built upon a perpendicular staircase overlooking the sea, its terraces seemingly curtsying towards the sparkling turquoise water below, ever-glittering in the sunshine. In the evening the town’s quaint atmosphere becomes an illuminated postcard, a marvel created by the the famous Neapolitan and Salernitan artisans.

Positano is also known for its exclusivity and subtropical climate, a town whose name is synonymous for “romance”. You will need to have strong legs to visit Positano because of its hundreds and hundreds of steps which lead the way throughout town, but you will not even notice this when you find yourselves among the blooming bougainvillea and tiny, colorful shops selling elegant caftans, leather sandals, coral jewelry, authentic ceramics and, of course, its famous limoncello.

Weddings in Positano are particularly beautiful in spring and early autumn, when it is not too hot.  In these months the climate is pleasant and the sunlight is soft; the romantic beaches and coves are empty and the town is not teeming with tourists. In Positano you will want to hire a boat and spend leisure time listening to traditional Neapolitan songs and sampling the authentic local cuisine.  Positano’s heart beats for romance, so it is very important to decide well in advance the date of your wedding

Civil weddings in Positano are celebrated on –where else– a panoramic terrace with a breathtakingly sensational panorama of the sea. The terrace is quite spacious and holds up to fifty guests. In the rare case of rain, weddings in Positano are celebrated indoors, next to the terrace, in the municipality’s elegant hall, refinished in elaborate tiles, its walls boasting precious artworks. The outdoor terrace features a beautiful table made of the famous maiolican ceramic, typical of the Amalfi Coast towns.

To realize the photo service for the wedding in Positano it is necessary to hire a car because there are too many steps in town to walk while wearing wedding attire and elegant shoes.  Available are small three-wheeled cars called “apetta”, decorated with flowers and ribbons and which will add a touch of irony and spontaneous romanticism for your wedding in Positano.

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Wedding in Ravello: Seascape and skyline

Ravello is definitely one of the most romantic little towns on the Amalfi coast. It seems to have been placed on purpose in a special space between the sea and the sky, on a spur of a rock overlooking the glittering blue sea. Ravello is also known for its exquisite gardens, considered one of southern Italy’s natural marvels, and perfect for the making of the most stunning backgrounds for your wedding photographs. Poets and composers, movie actors and intellectuals love this little town. Ravello was named in Boccaccio’s “Decameron” and has offered creative inspiration to many artists, writers, and musicians.  It is said that the world famous composer Richard Wagner created the second act of his musical drama “Parsifal” here, writing on the guestbook of Villa Ruffolo that “Klingsor‘s enchanted garden has been found!” referring to one of the characters of his piece.  It was here in Ravello where H. D. Lawrence wrote a part of his famous novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, and is even the narrative backdrop for Nobel-winning author André  Gide’s novel “The Immoralist”.

It was here where Greta Garbo and Leopold Stokowski found a secret hide-away from fame where they could enjoy their love story undisturbed, surrounded by roses and the fragrance of lemons. Many celebrities from around the world have visited Ravello and have admired its sensational seaside panorama; in fact Ravello is called “Amalfi Coast’s terrace”. Your wedding in this passion-inspiring seafront paradise will be a true romantic get-away. 

Ravello’s city hall is located in the twelfth-century villa Palazzo Tolla, a cozy setting for wedding ceremonies, decorated with antique furnishings and epoch paintings.  The building is surrounded by a lovely flower garden where you may begin the start of your photo shoot of your wedding in Ravello. Upon request, the bride and the groom may hold their civil ceremony in Ravello either in a romantic garden path leading to the entrance of the municipal hall, or on a panoramic terrace with an astonishing sea view. The town hall provides only the table with tablecloth for the wedding, celebrated standing. Should you desire a seated ceremony, chairs may be rented privately.  Choosing the outdoor ceremony for your wedding in Ravello, you will relive the same feelings that Greta Garbo and Leopold Stokowski lived during their great love story. The lush aromas, the breathtaking view, the infinite seascape and the soft clouds of the vast skyline will become silent witnesses to your love and to your unforgettable wedding in Ravello.

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Wedding in Amalfi: Fragrance of lemons

Amalfi is the most important town of the area, the namesake of the coast. It is the most antique of the five famous Italian maritime republics. The romantic town rises amidst rocks and vineyards, lemon and orange groves; a series of steps carved into the rock linking its charming houses and antique buildings, most of them boasting lavish private rooftop gardens. Amalfi is considered the eternal springtime city, on account of its pleasantly mild climate which explain why, in every season, you will find Amalfi dazzling with vivid colors, kissed by a bright and clear blue sky. Legend has it that Hercules was in love with a beautiful nymph named Amalfi, who died here, and so Hercules built this lovely town in her memory. Amalfi’s cathedral stands proudly above the town, housing the relics of the apostle Andrew. To reach the Duomo you must climb a magnificent staircase, also a perfect spot to shoot pictures of your wedding in Amalfi. A maze of narrow streets and the typical lemons of Amalfi, sold everywhere in town, will add a unique joy and flavour, enriching your delightful post-wedding walk around the town where everyone crossing your path will joyfully congratulate you for your wedding!

Civil weddings in Amalfi are celebrated in the impressive town hall, which is part of the former Benedictine monastery, featuring an amazing sea view. The room where the wedding ceremony is held is adorned with antique furniture and its floor is made of characteristic locally-produced and decorated ceramic tiles. The building is located on the seaside and is near many outdoor cafes, where the bride and groom, after the wedding ceremony, will want to toast with a flute of chilled prosecco.  

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Wedding on the Isle of Capri: Mediterranean Jet-set

The isle of Capri, in the gulf of Naples, is the most glamorous place of the Mediterranean Sea, attracting celebrities from all over the world and in every season of the year, from Hollywood actors to Arab sheiks, from royal families to the world’s most important politicians. Famous for its crystalline waters and the three majestic rock masses adorning its seafront, it is irresistible to admire while sipping a cool drink and people-watching in the “La Piazzetta”, the famous little square in the center of this tiny but dazzling jewel of an island. Many famous artists spend time on this Mediterranean paradise, and back in the days of ancient Rome emperors were the first to choose Capri for their summer holidays. Emperor Tiberius built twelve villas on the island and claimed as his personal nymphaeum the enchanting Blue Grotto, whose water is deep turquoise and objects immersed in it become ‘silvery’ in color. Capri is full of stupendous villas, making for a beautiful environment, and exclusive hotels carefully tend to the privacy of their guests who, on their fabulous yachts, sail leisurely around the island enjoying the splendid coastline. One of these villas or hotels, more or less luxurious as you desire and no doubt beautiful with incredible panoramas, would be not only the perfect place for your stay while in Capri could but also be an ideal location for your wedding reception – or even for your dream symbolic wedding, with a view of Faraglioni and of the emerald sea as your romantic backdrop. Your wedding in Capri will be the event of a lifetime, full of glamour, unique beauty and exceptional sea and landscape.

The municipalities of Capri and Anacapri (the two parts of the island) have allocated beautiful panoramic locations for both official civil weddings and symbolic wedding ceremonies. Each of the locations is beautiful in its own way and can be chosen depending on the number of guests and according to your wishes. Being such an exclusive and famous place, Capri, of course, is distinguished by high its prices, which is connected with the complex logistics of the island. In addition, the central part of Capri is completely pedestrian, so you would need to take into account that you would have to walk everywhere in a wedding dress, and your guests would also be on foot. For this reason, of the locations proposed by the mayor’s office, it is adviced to hold official civil ceremonies at the Gardens of Augustus, a small, beautiful park with breathtaking sea views which is located in the center of Capri, just a few minutes walk from the famous Piazzetta. The ceremony would be held on a lovely terrace and could be arranged to take place even after the park closes to tourists to guarantee privacy for the newlyweds. A banquet could then be arranged at one of the lovely hotels or restaurants of the island.

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On the upper part of the island, Anacapri, traffic is allowed virtually everywhere, so there are more wedding locations available. In particular, those looking to hold a civil ceremony in a unique setting, might be interested in having their wedding in a small pine grove overlooking the sea! This is the perfect setting for a romantic boho chic wedding with a touch of nature!

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For those planning a medium to large wedding in Capri with between 80-100 guests and more, if the budget allows, a celebration in a beautiful beach restaurant right by the sea wouldbe a glamorous choice. In the afternoon you would have use of a private beach and restaurant, and in the evening you would have a chic location for a private wedding and any kind of party. The ceremony could be held on the top terrace (where official civil ceremonies can be held because the location has an agreement with the Municipality), then the aperitif and dancing after dinner could be held poolside on the lower terrace, while the banquet would take place in the restaurant overlooking the sea on the middle terrace, where you and your guests would enjoy an unforgettable meal based on local seafood specialties typical to the island. Dancing is permitted until 2 am, after which fireworks can be ordered for a spectacular end to the most special day of your lives together!

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If you wish to get married in a church or prefer a symbolic wedding, the choice of wedding locations in Capri becomes even more extensive. For example, you might choose to hold the ceremony on another private beach club located directly across Capri’s famous Faraglioni rock formations – imagine what incredible wedding photos would be taken in this fabulous frame! Moreover, if you are on a tight budget and wish to have a smaller wedding, thanks to our agreement with the owners it is possible to rent a portion of the beach club and to hold the ceremony even at the opening hours of the complex to save money while maintaining the breathtaking setting.

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And if you prefer a bird’s eye view of the sea, then we would recommend holding your wedding at a magnificent historic villa museum located high up on the island, offering spectacular 360 degree views of the sea! The villa provides the opportunity to hold symbolic wedding ceremonies and a cocktail hour and/or a banquet both at opening hours and at the closing hours of the villa. Dancing is also possible there until one in the morning. For intimate ceremonies, the villa has a small square terrace where chairs can be placed for up to 20 people. In case of bad weather, the charming former chapel can be used for the ceremony or even to organize a dinner for a small group (up to 40 people). There is also a large panoramic terrace which is separate from the museum and therefore can be used privately at any time.


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Wedding in Sorrento: Melody of love and sunshine

There is a romantic song, called “Caruso”, very famous in Italy and written here in Sorrento, which is a real hymn to love. This city is truly elegant, its centre full of boutiques, souvenirs shops and historical hotels which have welcomed monarchs, diplomats and famous actors. The city’s green parks frame its natural beauty and the authentic Mediterranean cuisine is always awaiting to be enjoyed in an infinite choice of traditional local restaurants. Sorrento rises atop a steep cliff  reaching into the sea and facing the majestic volcanic Vesuvius mountain, whose impressive outline is visible all year around.

Visitors adore coming to Sorrento not only for its pictureque seaside but for its unmistakable atmosphere created by the mixture of myth and history, culture and elegance, as well as an unparalleled hospitality, all of which make Sorrento a truly delightful place. In fact weddings in Sorrento are celebrated in a cozy cloister of a former monastery, where monks spent most of their time in deep meditation and prayer. The sunlight falls softly from above, illuminating the central part of the cloister where, under a secular willow tree, there is a table for the wedding ceremony. The cloister is square-shaped and in each side there is an arched corridor, lending itself to the capturing of splendid wedding pictures, worthy of being part of a movie taking place in the Middle Ages. Just outside the cloister is a beautiful panoramic garden perfect for you and your guests to take in the awe-inspiring coastaline and view of Vesuvius.

The cloister has a great volume of requests for weddings in Sorrento, which is why the municipality created a great alternative: a beautiful Villa, also featuring a lovely park and an astonishing view over the sea. This villa offers, at an additional cost, use of its banquet area for a lunch or dinner receptions or an exclusive aperitif. The wedding ceremonies are celebrated outdoors in front of the villa.  In this beautiful villa you may organize official or symbolic ceremonies in Sorrento. The unforgettable wedding photo shoot, starting in the villa in front of the fantastic panorama of the Bay of Naples, will continue around the quaint town, guaranteeing the most beautiful memories of your wedding in Sorrento.

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