Wedding in Portofino: Picturesque Charm

Portofino is the most exclusive place and the most famous of the Ligurian region, which attracts celebrities from all around the world. It is located on a cape, around which are little colorful houses in a semi-circle shape, with the little central square which the inhabitants simply call “piazzetta”. Luxury yachts docked here and the unforgettable aristocratic atmosphere are the essential components which give Portofino its own unique charm, which never fails to seduce visitors. Portofino is an ideal place for a romantic wedding, with its picturesque bay, its deep blue water visible from an endless array of panoramic viewpoints.  Where better to celebrate the most important day of your life? Portofino is a real jewel amongst the natural beauty which surrounds it.

Civil weddings in Portofino may be celebrated either in the quaint town or in the magnificent Brown Castle. This castle overlooks the Portofino bay and it offers a majestic view, adding a touch of exclusivity to this already unique place. The picturesque gardens and panoramic terraces will become the primary background for your nuptial wedding photos taken in romantic Portofino.

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Wedding in Porto Venere: A poet’s landscape

The ideal place for a romantic wedding with sea and rocks in the background, Porto Venere is situated on the La Spezia gulf, also called the Gulf of Рoets, on the cape of the rocks.  Colorful little houses with green shutters, a picturesque harbor and a majestic castle located on top will become the unforgettable background for your photos of  your wedding in Porto Venere.  Porto Venere was the favorite place of English poet Lord Byron who lived here for a period of time.  It would be impossible to not be stricken by the wild and romantic beauty of Porto Venere.  A small charming church, located at the end of the promontory, is the most characteristic and famous place in this little seaside village whose every charm will lend harmoniously lend itself towards offering the most romantic and poetic wedding on the Italian Riviera.

The civil ceremony in Porto Venere may be celebrated either in the town hall or in the medieval Doria Castle.  Wedding ceremonies in Porto Venere in Liguria may be held daily, during working hours, from Monday to Friday.

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Wedding in Sanremo: The sweet scent of flowers

Sanremo is one of the most famous cities of northern Italy’s western coast, it is Italy’s flower capital, famous throughout the world for its lavish gardens full of colorful flowers and city parks, thanks to its mild climate, decorated with tropical plants.  Since the nineteenth century Sanremo has been the favorite holiday destination of royal families, aristocrats, politicians and famous artists, fascinated by the clear seawater and the sweet scent of flowers.  Sanremo is also internationally famous for its annual Italian Song Festival.

Your wedding in Sanremo will be a beautiful and unforgettable event, made all the more dazzling by an astonishing sea view and a plentitude of flowers, elegant fountains and historical villas.  Civil weddings in Sanremo are celebrated in the municipality which is called Villa Zirio, one of the town’s most famous historical buildings, where the last German Crown Prince, Friedrich Wilhelm, once resided. Villa Zirio is where, on Thursdays and in some weekends, official wedding ceremonies are held.  Adjacent to Villa Zirio is a beautiful garden and, close by, the city’s botanical garden, where you will love to take photos of your wedding  in Sanremo.

Other than the municipality of Villa Zirio, weddings in Sanremo may be celebrated in the elegant Villa Nobel, the last residence of the famous physicist Alfred Nobel. This glorious palace, built in colonial style and, at the end of the nineteenth century considered one of the most fashionable, is decorated with Moorish and Venetian features.  Inside the villa is the museum dedicated to Nobel and exhibitions and conferences are sometimes held here.  The villa is enclosed by an enormous large garden with rare exotic plants.  Civil weddings in Villa Nobel are celebrated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays as well as on Saturday mornings, with the exception of the second Saturday and Sunday of the month. The choice of the day does not affect the cost of the wedding.

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