Wedding dress & rings

The bride expresses herself in the choice of her wedding gown and its selection is surely one of the most significant decisions she will make for this very important day. The wedding dress must be in harmony with the personal style of the bride, her taste, the idea she has of herself, and it must be flattering to her figure. The season of the wedding ceremony must be considered, as well as the location –indoors, outdoors, in a church — and the hour of the ceremony. The arrival of the bride is one of the most memorable moments of the day: everyone’s eyes will be upon you and, of course, your dress. You will want to be nothing less than absolutely stunning!

Everyone knows that Italy is the capital of fashion and wedding fashion is no exception to this rule. Italy boasts numerous stylists of wedding attire, all of whom are famous throughout the world, but there are so many other lesser known Italian designers able to create masterpieces for bride as well as for the groom. We will be happy to become your guide in the fascinating world of wedding dressmakers, to help you create or select the gown you have always dreamed of, a dress which you will feel has been created especially for you. Whether you choose a lavish and elegant reception or an informal one in the countryside, we will help you find the appropriate dress, among brands and models, fabrics and cuts, perfect for your special occasion. We will also help you choose the right accessories and shoes so that everything will be in harmony with your image. The wedding day is your day and you must feel like a princess. The right choice of the wedding dress is a fondamental key to achieving this.

Let’s not forget the groom! We will be happy to arrange visits to the showrooms of Italian’s menswear for the ceremony, where it is guaranteed that the groom’s attire will be the utmost in quality, fit, and style.

Even wedding rings may be ordered and purchased in Italy, famous for its jewelry designers. In Italy it is traditional to engrave the inside of the wedding bands with the date of the wedding, with the name of the bride in the groom’s ring, and vice versa for the bride’s ring. We will be happy to introduce you to expert jewelers, capable of creating personalized wedding bands, nothing less than works of art which will endure a lifetime as an exempary symbol of your love and memento of your beautiful wedding in Italy.

Paperwork assistance

In order to hold a civil ceremony for foreigners, a special permit to wed is required, released under the production of legal papers which vary from country to country. We will be happy to assist you in making this request for permission to marry: we will provide you with a list of required documents according to your country of origin. In addition, foreigners who do not reside in Italy must personally sign, in front of the public official, a document stating that there are no impediments for contracting the marriage. This statement is usually signed one or two days before the ceremony, according to the officiant municipality. Under Italian law, civil marriages celebrated in Italy must be performed in the Italian language and must also be translated into the language of both spouses, even if the couple understands Italian language. In addition, the spouses must have two witnesses, one for the bride and one for the groom. My Italy and My Wedding will provide all of this: the interpreter, witnesses if needed and, after the wedding in Italy, we will see to it that the marriage certificate is legalized, showing the name of the location of the ceremony.

Wedding in the City Hall

If you want to officially register your marriage in one of the charming towns of Tuscany, we are pleased to offer you the option of holding your ceremony in  one of Tuscany’s beautiful town halls – many of which are rich with history – in various locations. Your civil wedding in Tuscany will take place in one of the magnificent historical palaces that were once homes to  rich noble families of the powerful Dukes of Tuscany. After all, every major Tuscan town had an autonomous center with its own government and its leader who sat in the most important building of the city, which are now used as city halls. With their high towers, proud facades, grand staircases, and originally frescoed halls, you will feel like the hero and heroine of of a film about medieval nobility.  Such beauty and romance – this can only be a wedding in Tuscany.

Most of the town hall buildings are in the medieval style, made of stone, with a high central tower and, often, important family coats of arms on the facade. Inside, in the beautiful ceremonial hall, often with vaulted ceilings and frescoed walls, important meetings of the city council are often held as well as wedding ceremonies on certain days. Volterra, Pisa, Certaldo, Cortona, Arezzo and other towns of central Tuscany boast important historical buildings, which may be worthy of framing your wedding. Sometimes the town halls also have museums inside, such as the ones of Siena and San Gimignano. In others, such as the town hall of Lucca, the Municipality allocates wedding ceremonies in the graceful palaces of later periods. There is even the possibility to hold your civil wedding in a municipal garden or park dotted with elegant statues and picturesque fountains, accompanied by the sweet songs of birds.

Send us your inquiry and we will offer you a variety of wedding halls for the official wedding in Tuscany.

Wedding in a villa

Having a wedding in a villa attracts many couples as it gives them the opportunity to organize everything in one place, from the ceremony to the banquet, from guest accommodation to active pastime, thus reducing the time and cost of travel. It should of course be noted that most of the villas can only hold symbolic ceremonies due to Italian law, but this option can still be very convenient for those looking to have their honeymoon at the site of their wedding. Some villas have been turned into small luxury boutique hotels whose rooms can be fully booked for weddings, providing an unforgettable, exclusive stay for you and your guests in the structure’s elegant surroundings. Some of the villas are owned by private families and offer several apartments, which are usually decorated in a typical Tuscan style. It is not uncommon that the owners produce their own wine or olive oil, or else have a home restaurant, where you can not only taste superb authentic Tuscan cuisine but also learn how to cook it, because often such places will happily organize cooking classes, a great way to have fun with your guests.

If you prefer to have a civil wedding, there are a number of villas in Tuscany that have signed agreements with their local town halls in order to officially register weddings held in their private villas. Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect villa for your wedding in Tuscany.

Wedding at the castle

Every little girl, while reading fairytales, dreams of Prince Charming arriving on a white horse at the gate of a beautiful castle, to ask her hand in marriage.  She lets her handkerchief fall from the height of the tower as a sign of acceptance.  Your lavish wedding tale will begin here, in the castle, the melodious echoes of music calling out to everyone to gather for the royal ceremony,  afterwhich the couple will continue the tale and live happily ever after….

Many people believe that such royal weddings are only possible fairy tales but with us it is possible to make this dream come true in beautiful Tuscany, where there are many beautiful castles from the Middle Ages. In these real medieval structures, complete with thick stone walls and watch towers, you will feel like a prince and princess stepping into a magical past. We can also provide you with a white horse and carriage in order to add that special touch and to crown your special day, a fairytale come true.

Not all castles can accommodate guests, but there are often beautiful hotels or villas located nearby where guests can stay. While many castles only allow symbolic weddings, there are some where official wedding ceremonies may now be held. In any event, your wedding in a castle in Tuscany will be like a festive royal ball, inspired by centuries of history and by the beauty of its surroundings.

Send us your request and we will find you the most suitable chateau for your wedding in Tuscany.