Wedding in Rome: an Eternity of angels and fountains

Rome! Just by pronouncing this word so many romantic visions are awakened. Getting married in Rome means celebrating your love in the Eternal City, a magical place which has witnessed infinite romantic tales throughout the centuries. It means saying “I do” for an eternity, under a mesmerizing blue sky or a multi-hued sunset, majestic church bells echoing into the ever after, marble statues of angels silently watching over you.  You will walk along winding alleys leading to beautiful squares whose ornate fountains splash in never-ending glee. This, and more, is the scenery awaiting you in the Eternal City, whose magnificant frame for  your wedding in Rome  is something beyond a dream, a dream so easy to make real.

Should you decide to marry in Rome with civil rites which give your wedding legal value, you may choose one of three halls available for civil wedding ceremonies in Rome, each of of which have specific requisites: the most requested location is the “Sala Rossa” – the Red Room at Capitoline Hill (or Campidoglio), decorated with red fabrics and red furnishings.  Since ancient times, Capitoline Hill has always been considered one of Rome’s most important areas, being the heart of the city’s local government and where the origins of the city are rooted. The extraordinary Sala Rossa is located in the historical building adjacent to the huge equestrian statue of Marco Aurelio, centerpiece of this exceptional square whose decorative outdoor pavement was designed by none other than the great Michelangelo. After climbing the majestic staircase adorned on either side by statues of the Dioscuri twins, you will find yourself in the square of Campidoglio –intentionally constructed at an elevated position– and from there you will be able to admire the buzzing city below. On the opposite side of the square you will be taken aback by the breathtaking view of the Roman Forum, with ancient ruins scattered everywhere, its fabulously intricate arcs and the remains of the Roman Empire at your feet.  Obviously this unequaled location attracts many visitors, and its magically romantic atmosphere makes for incomparable picture-taking of your wedding in RomeCivil ceremonies in the Red Room are celebrated only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

As an alternative to the Red Room, should you prefer to get married during the week, two exceptional locations are available for the celebration of civil weddings in Rome. One of these is “Vignola Mattei”, a former church located next to the stunning Baths of Caracalla, in a quiet green alley, a silent oasis right in the city centre, within walking distance from the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. Dating back to the 6th century and constructed with ancient stones, this former church is decorated with frescos and antique Roman columns, and is guaranteed to carry you back in time, immersing you in a truly romantic context of ancient Rome. It is a very spacious location, ideal for large weddings with many guests. In the “Vignola Mattei” it is possible to celebrate civil ceremonies in Rome from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9am to 13pm, and from 4pm to 6pm.

The second venue is a former chapel, located in Villa Lais Park, just outside the city centre. It is a very cozy space, able to accommodate the bride and the groom and an intimate handful of guests. The chapel is decorated with beautiful antique frescos and has retained the elegant character of the private chapel of the Lais Family. Next to the chapel there is a lovely park, perfect for the photographic service of your wedding in Rome. Your civil ceremony in Villa Lais may be celebrated on Monday, Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 6.30 pm;  as well as on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12.30am.

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Wedding in Florence: a Renaissance masterpiece

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance, the culturally unequaled Tuscan Renaissance which made Florence famous; during the centuries its captivating beauty and historical uniqueness have retained its allure for visitors arriving from every part of the world. This city is the capital of the powerful Tuscan Grand Duchy and home of the distinguished Medici dynasty. Florence has offered the world a wealth of artists, sculptors, architects, scientists and literary masters whose works all contributed to its abundant flourishing, which accounts for its very name, given to it by Julius Caesar. Try to imagine how unforgettable your wedding will be, celebrated here in Florence, having as its background art works by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Giotto.  Your wedding in Florence, organized by us, is guaranteed to also be a masterpiece. 

Civil weddings in Florence are celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, the former residence of the aristocratic Medici Family, is located right in the city’s most famous and central Signoria Square, itself an open-air museum. The splendid hall where weddings in Florence are celebrated is called the “Sala Rossa”, in reference to its regally red-velveted walls and golden trimmings. Few people know that this room was once the master bedroom of the Medici family, and it is exactly here where, ascending the same magnificant staircase that the noble Florentines used to climb, you will find yourselves surrounded by original full-scale tapestries, antique furnishings, gold-framed mirrors and majestic chandeliers, and it is here where you will celebrate your wedding in Florence.  Following the stately ceremony, a horse-drawn wedding carriage will await you at the foot of the historic palazzo and take you on an enchanting stroll around the city’s cobblestoned streets, whilst a bottle of champagne will be opened for a very special celebrative toast. It is in this moment that your wedding in Florence will really remind you of a royal wedding. Should you prefer a ride around town in a more “contemporary” style, it is possible to hire a classic Fiat 500 car to explore the town and the surrounding Florentine countryside. In any case your wedding in Florence will be astonishingly unforgettable, both for you and for your wedding guests.

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Wedding in Venice: Romance and gondolas

The most popular place to wed in Italy has to be Venice, a unique city on the water considered the most romantic spot in the world.  A wedding in Venice is sophisticated and impassioned, the unusual means of transportation playing a key role in its poetic charm: traditional gondolas decorated with flowers, gliding silently along the canals, affording a most enchanting view of the marvelous Venetian palaces. Your wedding photographic shoot in Venice will take place in dreamy romantic settings in hidden locations, where our photographers and operators will create a unique backdrop for your Venetian wedding photo album, aside from the traditional pictures in San Marco Square with its famous pigeons,  a primary part of your photographic shoot for your wedding in Venice. Guests can waltz to the music played by musicians in front of the historical outdoor cafés as the bride and groom make their entrance onto the square.  The highlight of the wedding in Venice will be the exquisite banquet held in one of the city’s panoramic restaurants, with an astonishing view of the Grand Canal or the Venetian Lagoon to accompany your toast and wedding celebration in Venice.

Weddings in Venice are celebrated in Cavalli Palace, on the Grand Canal. This historical building, an ancient palace of the seventeenth century, is located near the famous Rialto Bridge. After the ceremony the bride and groom will go out onto the balcony to have their pictures taken with the Rialto Bridge in the background. Civil ceremonies at Cavalli Palace may be celebrated from Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 1pm.  You may also celebrate your wedding in Venice in other moments of the day, during weekends and in other beautiful Venetian palaces. No matter which place you choose, Venice will remain in your heart and in your memories as the most romantic and unforgettable city in Italy. 

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Wedding on the Amalfi Coast: Daydream come true

The Amalfi coast has, for centuries, attracted tourists and travelers for its incomparable beauty, dramatic cliffs which plunge gracefully into the sea, their peaks caressed by the soft billowy clouds above.  Its characteristic winding streets, carved into the lush hillside, appear to be a staircase between the earth and the sky; with awe-inspiring landscapes and the endless line of the sea merging at the horizon which will take your breath away as you round every curve. Everywhere you look you will see the blue sparkling sea, the same sea once inhabited by the sirens who endeavored to attract Ulysses.  Opposite the sea is the steep rocky slope, into which many villages are tucked among the lemon groves and bougainvillea, like swallows’ nests hidden between the branches of treetops.

Wedding in Tuscany: a Yellow blanket of sunflowers

The most famous and popular region of Italy, Tuscany’s inexpressible charm has always enchanted all who for one reason or another find themselves among its beautiful yellow-green hills dotted with neat paths of cypress trees or amongst its vast fields of golden sunflowers or red poppies. Imagine what your wedding could be like in Tuscany, where its natural beauty would add tenderness and romance to all the emotions of your important moment. Siena, Arezzo, Pisa, Cortona, Volterra, San Gimignano – these are some of the most famous and charming towns where we can arrange for you a real Tuscan wedding. But that’s not all: thanks to its hilly landscape, the richness of Tuscan noble families, and the historic need of defense against invaders, the territory of modern Tuscany is full of magnificent medieval castles, villas and country chic city halls, all ready to open their doors to you. Selecting a location for weddings in Tuscany is easy, as there are so many great locations to choose from – perhaps more than in any other region of Italy. And, thanks to the special permission of the mayors of certain towns, you may even have the possibility to get married officially in some of these castles or villas. In locations which don’t have such permission, we could always arrange for you a romantic symbolic ceremony overlooking the hills and vineyards. For those looking to have a Catholic wedding, some important villas and castles have their own chapels where religious ceremonies can be performed.

All of these locations have different capacities, opportunities for banquets and ceremonies, sets of services and, of course, budgets. Therefore, when choosing a site for weddings in Tuscany you must first determine the type of the ceremony desired, how many guests you want to be at the wedding, and the budget that will be at your disposal. Send us a request, and will be pleased to offer you a number of structures that are suitable to your search.