Services: How to get married

If you live in another country the organization of a wedding in Italy will most probably be somewhat complicated; many elements must be decided and agreed upon, almost like connecting pieces of a big puzzle and making sure they fit into place. This is where we step in, in order that you may arrive in Italy fresh in love and ready to enjoy your big day.

To relieve you from the many bothersome tasks, the wide range of expert services we provide will guarantee a perfect outcome, making your wedding in Italy truly effortless and unforgettable. For additional information click on the pictures below.

Types of wedding ceremonies

Each of us has a different approach to their wedding, putting his own personal meaning in the wedding ceremony. Of course, all newlyweds want their wedding in Italy to be as beautiful and memorable as possible. And it can be done in many different ways.  If it is important for you that your marriage have legal validity, in the presence of relatives and friends who will share this important day with you, the civil wedding in Italy is the perfect solution for you. In Italy there are no restrictions for the registration of marriages of foreign nationals who do not live in Italian territory. In many cities the town hall is located in a historic palace with beautiful wedding halls, and in some cases the official ceremony may take place in castles, villas, on panoramic terraces and even on the beach. Therefore, your official wedding in Italy will be a wonderful culmination of your love.

If you care especially for the spiritual part of the wedding, wanting to combine your destinies and swear eternal love in front of God, then the choice will be a church wedding in Italy. If you’re Catholic, the best solution will be to wed in the church which will have civil value because it includes the transcript of marriage rites with legal validity. In this case your religious marriage will be valid also for the state, with no need to perform a double ceremony. If you are not Catholic, we will arrange a religious marriage for you according to the canons of your faith whether that be Orthodox, Protestant or Jewish. In this case, however, you will have to be already married civilly to celebrate a  religious marriage. If desired, you may hold a double ceremony, signing the papers in the room of the municipality, in order to lower the costs of the civil marriage, and then do a more elaborate religious ceremony which will be the major focus of your wedding celebration in Italy.

If, instead, you have fallen in love with a certain place in Italy, a romantic villa or historic castle, and want to get married there, against the background of wonderful landscapes, lavender or poppy fields, but in this particular place there isn’t a contract with the municipality for conducting civil weddings ceremonies, a symbolic wedding in Italy is the perfect solution for you. You will not have limits of place and time and may choose absolutely any place for your wedding in Italy, even the most unusual, such as wineries, on a boat or a hot air balloon. Our professional master of ceremonies will marry you with the most touching and romantic rite, and this will be your wedding, personalized, unique, and different from any other wedding. 

For more details please explore the many options of wedding ceremonies in Italy.

Locations in Italy: Choose your venue

It will not be easy for the bride and groom to choose which place as their favorite setting to marry in Italy, because from north to south, this country is incredibly overflowing with beauty: from the clear waters of the northern lakes, to the ‘passionate’ Mediterranean flavour of Sicily; from romantic Venice and its gondolas, silently gliding on the Grand Canal, to the sweet Verona of Romeo and Juliette; from the Eternal city of Rome, where every stone has a story to tell, to the majestic cliffs of the Amalfi coast and the splendor of the Tuscan countryside, adorned with vineyards, cypresses and sunflowers; to the emerald glow of the four seas encircling this magical peninsula, anxious to share with you its abundant natural beauty, cultural richness, and the genuine hospitality it is famous for. Countless medieval villages and ancient castles, far from the clamour of the city, are waiting to welcome you and reveal to you their secret fascination; noble residences are happy to open the doors of their sumptuous rooms for you to marvel at. Whichever place it is you choose for your Italian wedding, you are guaranteed an unforgettably romantic celebration!