Music for the wedding

Music plays an important part of every phase of our lifetimes: from the tender lullaby of a mother, to the first rock concert at the stadium. Obviously, an event as important as a wedding cannot help but be accompanied by music.

Wedding music is divided into two categories: the ceremony and the banquet. As these are two moments which elicit different types of emotions, so must the music be harmonious to the particular sensations evoked in each of these moments. The musical accompaniment during the ceremony should convey its importance and solemnity; for this reason a string trio or quartet is especially well-suited; the playing of classic pieces is perfect as the bride makes her entrance into the church or town hall, always an emotionally stirring moment. In the case of outdoor ceremonies, a harp is excellent for adding an inspiring touch to the ceremony, creating a poignant and memorable impact.

The wedding banquet is the crowning touch and true celebration of the wedding; as such, it is a cheerful and joyful event, and the music must convey these sensations. In this case there is nothing better than a live band or a light-jazz group, able to provide pleasant background music allowing for conversation and toasting during the cocktail party, lunch or dinner reception, and then unleashing after-dinner in a real discotheque. Another option which will guarantee an enjoyable celebration is the use of a good disco deejay, able to provide a rich and varied play list of current hits and all-time favourites, attracting guests of all ages who are certain to join in on the jovial merriment. In any case, the right choice of music and musicians is without a doubt the key to an enjoyable and successful event.

We work with professional musicians of various genres of music and we will be happy to introduce them to you to ensure that your wedding is truly memorable, even the music!

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Paperwork assistance

In order to hold a civil ceremony for foreigners, a special permit to wed is required, released under the production of legal papers which vary from country to country. We will be happy to assist you in making this request for permission to marry: we will provide you with a list of required documents according to your country of origin. In addition, foreigners who do not reside in Italy must personally sign, in front of the public official, a document stating that there are no impediments for contracting the marriage. This statement is usually signed one or two days before the ceremony, according to the officiant municipality. Under Italian law, civil marriages celebrated in Italy must be performed in the Italian language and must also be translated into the language of both spouses, even if the couple understands Italian language. In addition, the spouses must have two witnesses, one for the bride and one for the groom. My Italy and My Wedding will provide all of this: the interpreter, witnesses if needed and, after the wedding in Italy, we will see to it that the marriage certificate is legalized, showing the name of the location of the ceremony.

Wedding Stationery

Every wedding has its own unique touch which distinguishes it and makes it original and exclusive, often the small things making the difference. Wedding stationery is one of those small touches which truly count. From the moment the wedding invitations are sent, the bride has already started to express herself and her tastes, her style, and the style of the wedding. Individually designed printing, from the invitations to menu cards and thank-you notes, in the selected color and distinctive typographic font, will add an elegant and refined tone to your wedding stationary, surprising your guests and becoming a treasured memory of your special day. We will be happy to help you select among the many printing styles available in unmistakable Italian-style quality and excellence, all to make your wedding in Italy stand out.

Upon request, you may also have your menu cards and table place settings individually designed and hand-written in antique calligraphy, by our exclusive and expert calligraphist; yet another way to add a highly refined elegance to a most important yet distinguishing detail of your wedding in Italy.

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Wedding reception

It is no surprise that Italy is famous for its marvelous cuisine, deemed one of the best and certainly the most famous in the world. An infinite variety of dishes, the highest quality products and regional specialties guarantee infallible success for your wedding celebration in Italy. You will be amazed at the taste, aroma and presentation of dishes. Indeed, in Italy the wedding banquet is considered the highlight of the entire wedding celebration. The choice of restaurant or catering for your Italian wedding reception is, therefore, very important and in this regard Italian wedding receptions are very carefully tended to, up to the tiniest detail. With the same meticulous care we give to the preparing of your wedding party in Italy, we have for your selection the most professional catering, and choose only the most high quality restaurants able to create a personalized menu based upon your preferences and seasonal and regional specialities, guaranteeing the mouth-watering masterpieces Italy is famous for.

It is customary in Italy to divide the wedding reception into three main phases: an aperitif immediately after the ceremony, the serving of lunch or dinner, followed by the cutting of the nuptial cake and toasting, this final part crowned by a table full of sweets, Italian coffee and after-dinner liqueurs. These three phases are always maintained, whether the reception is held in a portion of a restaurant or in a private villa, rented exclusively for the wedding party. Each phase of the reception has its own separate banquet menu, its own concept, and its own style. The appetizer usually consists of a variety of snacks offered on trays by waiters, or served on a buffet table, often outdoors, accompanied by live background music, allowing guests to mingle. The lunch or dinner is then brought on by waiters who serve guests individually. In this regard there is great attention given to table decorations and place settings: the set-up of the crystal, plates and flatware, table linens, flowers, candles, candlesticks, vases, mirrored trays and other decorations all in harmony with the chosen theme of your celebration and the style and color conceptualized for the wedding reception. Of course we will be pleased to provide you a vast array of interesting ideas to create for you a truly one-of-a-kind wedding reception!

The highlight of the wedding reception in Italy is the cutting of the wedding cake along with the offering of an abundance of sweets. There is usually a short break between cutting the cake, allowing guests to get in the mood to start dancing, at which time the tables are set up for the sweets. There is no limit to the marvelous creations made by Italian pastry chefs in the hopes of astonishing the bride and groom as well as their guests. This includes cakes and pastries, either elaborately mounted high or in various shapes and designs. The wedding cake itself may be classic white cake or a multitude of other types, made with fresh cream, colorful exotic fruit, and decorated with fresh flowers — the choice is really endless! We work with expert confectioners who will create for you the wedding cake you desire. To add a typical Italian flavor to your wedding reception in Italy, you will want to treat your guests to the special sweets which, in Italy, are called “confetti”. In the classic version, “confetti” are almonds iced with sugar, but there are also all sorts of tasty variations such as pistachio, lemon cream, and chocolate. My Italy and My Wedding will help you impress your guests and make your wedding reception in Italy the tastiest ever!

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Wedding dress & rings

The bride expresses herself in the choice of her wedding gown and its selection is surely one of the most significant decisions she will make for this very important day. The wedding dress must be in harmony with the personal style of the bride, her taste, the idea she has of herself, and it must be flattering to her figure. The season of the wedding ceremony must be considered, as well as the location –indoors, outdoors, in a church — and the hour of the ceremony.  The arrival of the bride is one of the most memorable moments of the day: everyone’s eyes will be upon you and, of course, your dress. You will want to be nothing less than absolutely stunning! 

Everyone knows that Italy is the capital of fashion and wedding fashion is no exception to this rule.  Italy boasts numerous stylists of wedding attire, all of whom are famous throughout the world, but there are so many other lesser known Italian designers able to create masterpieces for bride as well as for the groom. We will be happy to become your guide in the fascinating world of wedding dressmakers, to help you create or select the gown you have always dreamed of, a dress which you will feel has been created especially for you. Whether you choose a lavish and elegant reception or an informal one in the countryside, we will help you find the appropriate dress, among brands and models, fabrics and cuts, perfect for your special occasion. We will also help you choose the right accessories and shoes so that everything will be in harmony with your image. The wedding day is your day and you must feel like a princess. The right choice of the wedding dress is a fondamental key to achieving this.

Let’s not forget the groom! We will be happy to arrange visits to the showrooms of Italian’s menswear for the ceremony, where it is guaranteed that the groom’s attire will be the utmost in quality, fit, and style.

Even wedding rings may be ordered and purchased in Italy, famous for its jewelry designers. In Italy it is traditional to engrave the inside of the wedding bands with the date of the wedding, with the name of the bride in the groom’s ring, and vice versa for the bride’s ring.  We will be happy to introduce you to expert jewelers, capable of creating personalized wedding bands, nothing less than works of art which will endure a lifetime as an exempary symbol of your love and memento of  your beautiful wedding in Italy.

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