A wedding is actually a real holiday, a festive celebration during which you want to have fun together with your guests whose enjoyment is part of your joy. A great way to do this is to make your special day not just a gathering of friends, listening to music and dancing, but a celebration in which they are also active participants. My Italy and My Wedding is able to provide various types of performers and entertainers for your wedding program: mimes and living statues, acrobatic bartenders or actors on stilts, or in historical costumes (an excellent way to create a special ambiance for a wedding in a castle, for example). Not to mention caricaturists or ridiculous pseudo- waiters, dancers, gladiators, genies and palm-readers, and of course, the host and master of ceremonies for the banquet for a symbolic wedding ceremony.

Express your wishes and we will find the most suitable means to fulfill to make yours a most magical wedding in Italy.

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