We organize civil, religious and symbolic weddings in Italy

Who among us has never dreamed of getting married abroad, especially in beautiful Italy, where weddings are splendid fairytales come true? It is no coincidence that Italy is considered the most romantic place in the world to marry and an Italian wedding is, without a doubt, a most exceptional way to celebrate your love. Getting married in Italy will never be just about signing the papers, but rather the extraordinary experience of a lifetime. A wedding in Italy cannot help but be one-of-a-kind, made unique by the sophistication of Italian style, as you will be plunged into a naturally romantic atmosphere, charged with emotion and passion, set in the incomparable background of astonishing Italian landscapes. The lucky bride and groom who choose to get married in Italy will not only have the most elegant Italian ceremony but also the benefit of the professionalism and competence of our wedding planners who will create a custom-made dream wedding just for you.

We at My Italy and My Wedding believe that, just as no two love stories are alike, neither ought to be two weddings alike. Just like a designer who creates a unique dress, we also create what is a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding in Italy, taking into account all of your wishes, dreams and desires, exactly because you are unique to us as a couple and deserve a one-of-a-kind wedding.  Whether your desire is to get married in Rome or get married in Florence, where you will be able to admire the rich cultural heritage of Italy; or if you are simply hopeless romantics dreaming of a memorable wedding in Venice or a wedding in Verona; if you are lovers of the sea and the sun and want to exchange your vows with a wedding celebration on the Amalfi Coast or a wedding on the Italian Riviera, we know exactly what to propose to you and have a variety of options one of which will be perfect for you. Our team works throughout Italy, has extensive experience and can organize your wedding on Lake Como, or a beautiful wedding ceremony in Tuscany, in Latium or any other Italian region which inspires you. Creativity and perfectionism are our trademarks, and the great love we have for our work is what differentiates us and makes our “Made in Italy” weddings most original and uniquely one-of-a-kind!