Symbolic Wedding and Renewal of Vows

For those who would prefer to get married neither in a church nor in a town hall but perhaps rather at a beautiful outdoor location or in a castle or villa, there is the option get married wheresoever the couple’s hearts desired by having a symbolic wedding. The beauty of a symbolic wedding is that there are no bureaucratic constraints, so the sky is the limit when planning your wedding; you could marry in the park where the proposal was made, in a gondola in Venice, in a field of flowers in Tuscany, in a medieval castle or regal villa – even in a hot air balloon or a yacht! Whatever you could dream up for the backdrop of your dream wedding, a symbolic wedding is the perfect option to make that dream come true. And for those who would prefer to have a legalized wedding, the symbolic wedding could be held after the civil union held at the local town hall.

Symbolic weddings are also ideal for those who would like to renew their vows or celebrate a special anniversary. Or perhaps your wedding was not all that you had hoped for, and you would like to recreate your wedding day just as you had always wished it could have been – we can make that happen! Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, and there are no limits when having a symbolic wedding,  so it will be completely personalized as we put together even the most elaborate ideas with the smallest, special touches to give you a truly one-of-a-kind, unforgettable ceremony. Together, we can choose the kind of rite you would like, how long it would last, the words that would be used, and who would perform the ceremony – perhaps a dear friend who knows you well, or even an actor to add the mood of the theme of the wedding.

There are different reasons a couple might choose to have a symbolic wedding; whatever that reason might be, it is the only kind of wedding that can be completely tailored, and we are happy to create with you an unforgettable event of your dreams, choosing together the style, the theme, the location, and all the details big and small that will make that special day the very best of your lives.

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