Locations in Italy: Choose your venue

It will not be easy for the bride and groom to choose which place as their favorite setting to marry in Italy, because from north to south, this country is incredibly overflowing with beauty: from the clear waters of the northern lakes, to the ‘passionate’ Mediterranean flavour of Sicily; from romantic Venice and its gondolas, silently gliding on the Grand Canal, to the sweet Verona of Romeo and Juliette; from the Eternal city of Rome, where every stone has a story to tell, to the majestic cliffs of the Amalfi coast and the splendor of the Tuscan countryside, adorned with vineyards, cypresses and sunflowers; to the emerald glow of the four seas encircling this magical peninsula, anxious to share with you its abundant natural beauty, cultural richness, and the genuine hospitality it is famous for. Countless medieval villages and ancient castles, far from the clamour of the city, are waiting to welcome you and reveal to you their secret fascination; noble residences are happy to open the doors of their sumptuous rooms for you to marvel at. Whichever place it is you choose for your Italian wedding, you are guaranteed an unforgettably romantic celebration!